The Opportunities and Risks in Bond Markets

Guest article written for – the official publication of the  Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association

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In any economic system, the fixed-income (bond) market plays an essential role as one of the principal ways of financing enterprise (be it corporate or sovereign).  Research shows that at the end of 2010, the global bond market had amounts outstanding of over US$95 trillion (to put that in context, the World Bank reported the total value of global economic output to be US$65 trillion in the same year).  For investors, fixed-income markets play a critical role both in generating return- and hedging risk.

To learn more about this, we speak to Mr. Krishna Memani, Director of Fixed Income, SVP and Portfolio Manager at Oppenheimer Funds(who are reported to have over $150 billion under management) Continue reading

The London Riots

As we sit here today, London remains in the grip of escalating riots, violence and disruption as young people have taken to the streets across the city looting stores, torching vehicles, engaging in arson and more.  As the Guardian newspaper reported, “London’s emergency services were on full-scale alert on Monday night as rioting, fires and pitched battles with police erupted around the city from late afternoon.”

The UK’s “Elephant in the Room”

While most media-outlets ostensibly claim the riots were a reaction to the shooting of a man in Tottenham, a report in the Telegraph newspaper contained a telling paragraph citing, “…some say the police “had it coming”; others that the violence was only to be expected given the unemployment and poverty in the area… Some local people told journalists of their resentment towards the police. One student said: ‘The police never talk to us, they ignore us, they don’t think we’re human in this area.’ A youth worker claimed: ‘The way the police treat black people is like we’re nothing.’ And a retired accountant who has lived locally for 30 years reported that some of the police ‘behave in an arrogant manner that puts people’s backs up’.” Continue reading

The DNA of Financial Markets

Guest article written for – the official publication of the  Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association

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The discovery of DNA’s structure revolutionized our understanding of how the human body works, revealing the source of our biological successes alongside the true sources of previously ‘unpredictable’ diseases.  Our current ‘mainstream’ understanding of financial markets is rooted in thinking akin to pre-genetic biology- and many researchers around the world are now putting together theories and models to show the true structure of ‘how’ financial markets really work.

Professor Neil Johnson (Head of the inter-disciplinary research group on Complexity at the University of Miami, Physics Dept)  is leading the  change in our understanding.  In this interview, we talk about his insights into financial markets: Continue reading

Brazil – How to Build a Great Country

In this exclusive interview, we speak to Celso Amorim (Foreign Minister of Brazil from 2003-2011, and current Minister of Defence), a man who has been described as having “…masterminded a transformation of Brazil’s role in the world that is almost unprecedented in modern history…” We look at what it takes to build a great country exploring areas including economics, politics, society and culture


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